Preferred Customer Benefits


How the Preferred Customer program works!

As a Preferred Customer:

  • You will receive your own website for personal use and to share the pureVibranz website and its’ products with others
  • You will receive the Preferred Customer (PC) discount of 10% off Retail Price when log into your account to buy; or you can get on Smartship (see Preferred Customer Smartship Program) for 15% off the Retail price and FREE shipping on Smartship orders of $125.00 or more (USA only).
    1. As a Preferred Customer (PC) – When share your website with others - either Retail sales or Preferred customer with sign up package starting with $199.00 and up, you will receive Preferred Customer Credit (PCC) in the form on Gift Certificate (GC)
      There is no Referral Credits for the $49.95 Preferred Membership Package
      The Referral Credits will be paid in the form of Gift Certificate that maybe used for future product purchases. Gift certificate will be issued 3-4 weeks after an order is placed, shipped, and no returns or refunds on the order. Gift Certificate may be found in your “MyDashboard”
      See short video on the website under RESOURCES on how to redeem your Gift Certificate.

Becoming a Preferred Customer PLUS:

  • Once you are PC and are on Smartship for 90 days (3 consecutive months) with a 60 Business Volume (60 BV) monthly, you are qualified to become a Preferred Customer PLUS. If Smartship is NOT continuous for 3 consecutive months, then you will have to be RE-QUALIFIED (starting over).
    • Benefits of being a Preferred Customer PLUS:
    1. Remaining on Smartship for a minimum of 3 consecutive months (60 BV Minimum monthly) and earn a share in the Smartship Retention pool starting with your compensation for the 3rd month (paid the following month qualification) in the form of REBATE in the form of Gift Certificate.
      Continue to earn one share each consecutive month you remain on Smartship.
      This pool set aside 2% of the monthly Business Volume (BV) generated worldwide and entitles you to earn 1 share maximum per business center.
      The pool is allocated pro-rata amongst all shares earned.