How to setup a SmartShip


Preferred and Consultant - How to create and maintain your smartship order

  • As a Preferred Customer – you must log in your own account using “My Dashboard” tab on your personal website.
  • Choose MAIN MENU
  • To Create your Smartship order “Click here to select products”— to create your first SS order.
  • Follow instruction - Proceed to CHECK OUT
    Example : If you set up a 2x4 Smart Saver Pack as your 1st month Smartship, for $182.17 plus applicable sales tax. And had indicated on the Check Out process to be charged on the 15th of the month. Your credit card will be charged on the 15th and items will be shipped from our warehouse. However, if these products are less than $125 .00; you will be charged Shipping and handling
    1. On your 2nd month of Smartship, IF you HAVE NOT changed/ modify your previous month order to something different, other than the 2x 4 Smart Saver Pack, you WILL BE CHARGED and will be shipped again for the exact same amount and the exact same items from the previous month.
      HOWEVER , i f on the 16 th of the month you noticed that you had been charged for the same thing and you DO NOT want them. YOU MUST contact our Customer Service via telephone call to immediately have the order cancel before they are shipped.
      You will be charged a 5% Processing Fee IF PRODUCTS have NOT been ship.
      Or You will be charged a 15% Restocking Fee if PRODUCTS have ALREADY been shipped to you and you are returning them due to duplicate order.
      It is the CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN THEIR SMARTSHIP ( Choose: Main menu / Maintain your Smartship) on monthly basis.