How to become a Wellness Consultant


Qualifying to becoming a Wellness Consultant

To become a Consultant with pureVibranz and build a business, you must qualify by:

  • By producing a total of $600 or more in RETAIL sales to NEW CUSTOMERS from your website (NOT purchases for personal use)
  • The retail sales of $600 or more MUST BE IN ANY 3 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS PERIOD
    (Example: It CANNOT be $200 in Jan; ZERO $$ in Feb., ZERO$ in Mar. Then $400 in April; It MUST Jan-Feb-Mar; ANY 3 consecutive months total of $600 in retail sales).
    1. It is not required that you upgrade to consultant as you may wish to remain a Preferred Customer. You will continue to earn Referral Credit for Gift Certificate on Retail sales on future product purchases (see pureVibranz Gift Certificate).

NOTE: prior to upgrading to WC (Wellness Consultant) if you wish to take advantage of any PC upgrade packages; you should do so at this time.

  • (ie. You are currently a PC, purchased a $299 starter package; and have met your qualification with the $600 in retail sales. However, you wish to take advantage of the HUGE discount savings and products in the $1,899 package. You can at this time to upgrade from PC$299 to PC$1899. This final upgrade can ONLY happen while you are still a PC.
  • Then after you have upgraded to PC$1899, you can upgrade to WC for $49.95. As there are NO WC package upgrades available once you become a WC with your $49.95 upgrade.
    1. Upgrading to Consultant option is always available with qualification; however, if you decide to become a Wellness Consultant with pureVibranz, the pureVibranz Gift Certificate (GC) may NOT be used to purchase the WC upgrade.
      An annual renewal fee is required to remain active.